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Sophisticated and reliable adventure camping gear

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High-quality materials and professional production management. Create high-quality camping products together.

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High-quality products and responsible after-sales service. Let us be highly praised by customers.


Environmentally friendly production techniques and materials effectively reduce waste and pollution. Let's protect nature together.

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In-depth cooperation with major international logistics companies. Global shipping is supported.

Meet Campmors

Welcome to Campmors, where you’ll find great camping gear. We have brought together many leading camping equipment manufacturers and are committed to delivering high-quality products directly from the factory to the user. Reduce middleman price difference. Giving our customers access to brand new and reliable camping gear at the best prices, any time of the year.
We believe that at CAMP, our advice and after-sales service can make your shopping experience easy.
Our belief is: care for the environment, and improve the outdoor experience of camping enthusiasts with high-quality products.

about campmors

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Marketing Director

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Brand Designer

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