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Durable fabrics and high-quality construction make for an excellent ultralight backpacking double tent. While ensuring quality and function, it provides more space and weight for two people to travel. It is also very simple to build.


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A quality two-person tent with superior weight and space benefits. Two-person camping tents are popular with couples, as well as single backpackers who value extra space for sleep.

Double person tent is a portable small tent specially designed for two people outdoor camping. You can bring your best friend or partner to enjoy the outdoors in the most portable form. Of course, it doesn’t just serve two people. If you’re someone who likes to roll while you sleep, a double tent can also satisfy you.

Campmors’ range of 2 person camping tents feature generous space and oversized doors, allowing you to see the snowy mountains in the distance even from inside the tent. They are light but very strong in construction.

The size of the 2 man tents is related to its structural design. Different design structures have different footprints. Usually a two person camping tents width is about 100-140mm. Its standard is defined according to the normal human shoulder width multiplied by 2 and then add a certain additional space. If you are a relatively strong and strong man, you can choose a relatively large tent two person. Campmors double tent series includes best two person tent/double tents > 170mm, which can meet larger leisure space.

We can never define how much a tent costs based on how many people use it. The price of two-person tents is usually determined according to: fabric, structure, and size. All I can tell you is that the normal price range for a double tent is $100-300. Details can be found on the product details. There are occasional special offers on the campmors two man tent series. So far, we’ve sold premium lightweight double tents starting at $88. Welcome to subscribe to us, so as to be the first to receive our promotion information.

Now, camping activities are becoming more and more popular. Choose the best two person tent so you and your partner can backpack in the wild with peace of mind. So how do you choose a double/2 man tents that suits you? The following will provide some guidelines, which I hope can help you:

  • Shapes: There are three main shape designs for double camping tents: spire, dome and tunnel.
    Spire two person tents are usually polygonal in design and have higher entry doors and windows. It looks more breathable and beautiful.
    Dome two person tents are usually monolithic and have an automatic pop-up mechanism. This means we can set up camp very quickly.
    The structure of the tunnel two person tent allows it to have a relatively spacious interior and usually has an additional foyer design. But it will be heavier than a dome tent, after all, tunnel tents have intricate tent poles. Can deal with severe weather such as strong wind and heavy rain.
  • Seasonal: Double/two man tents need to deal with different weathers and climates in different seasons. Usually we divide into two-season tents, four-season tents or five-season tents (professional tents).
    Two-season tents usually have a particularly prominent feature, such as extra waterproof (polyester tents), extra light (nylon tents), and extra sunproof (special synthetic oxford tents). But remember that if you choose its advantages, you need to accept its disadvantages.
    Four-season tents are generally stronger and able to handle weather such as heavy rain, high winds, and snow. These tent for 2 usually focus more on safety and warmth.
    The reason for the Five Seasons tent is that it can handle very bad weather. People usually prefer to call it a professional tent. These two-person tents can accompany you on alpine, rock climbing and snowy mountain adventures.
  • Weight: The weight of a two-person tent for backpacking is usually between 1-10 kg. Why is there such a big difference? This is related to its functionality and fabric. Usually: 1-2kg – lightweight; 2-5kg – normal; 5-8kg – functional; 8-10kg – heavyweight.
  • Size: Usually the width of a best double backpacking tent is about 100-140mm. But maybe you’re bigger or you like more space and you need a large two-person tent.
  • Functionality: What kind of weather do you plan to camp in and where are your needs? Waterproof? Portability? Sunproof type? Warm type? Spacious? Easy to set up?
  • How Much: Choose the right 2 man tent for your budget. The more expensive tents generally have more functionality and durability.

Preparation work:

  • Before setting up your two-person tent, please choose a clean and flat surface and make sure that the surrounding area is safe enough.
  • Clear debris such as stones and debris from the ground;
  • Lay a floor mat or tarp (make sure the tarp is larger than the bottom of the tent, and the excess can be folded up);

When the preparations are done, you can take out the double tent and build your camp. Campmors’ two-person tent series is available in three frame styles: automatic pop-up 2-person tents, split-pole 2-person tents, and spire 2-person tents.

Two-man tent that pops up automatically: just press down on the pop-up device after taking out the tent, and the tent can be set up automatically.

Two-person tents with split tents: This type of tent is more complicated.

  • First unfold the tent cloth and fix the corners.
  • Then insert the tent pole into the tent’s sleeve (different tent styles will vary);
  • Connect all the poles together;
  • Slowly lift the main pole of the tent to prop up the tent until the tent is fully popped out;
  • Check that the tent poles are secure. Reinforce the tent with ground nails and wind ropes;

Spire-topped two-person tents: These tents are built in almost the same way as split tents. But it saves a lot of work of connecting the poles.

  • First unfold the tent cloth;
  • Then insert the pole into the tent’s sleeve (some teepee tents can omit this step);
  • Put the main pole of the tent into the tent, and the two ends correspond to the center of the tent’s base fabric and the top of the tent respectively. Then slowly prop up the tent;
  • Fix the auxiliary support rod on the side of the tent or the bottom cloth fixing hole;
  • Check that the tent poles are secure. Reinforce the tent with ground nails and wind ropes;

At this point, your backpacking double person tent has been set up. Of course, the structural design of different tents is different. You can refer to the detailed introduction corresponding to our products to build. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us and we will try our best to answer them.

Folding a pop-up two person backpacking tent is probably the easiest thing to do when camping. At least, that’s what I think. There are two reasons:

  1. The pop-up device is a very convenient and labor-saving structure;
  2. The weight of the pop-up double person tent is lightweight;

Combining the above two points, we can store the two person backpacking tent/double tent very easily. The specific steps are as follows:

  • First, pull the joints of the structural rods on the side of the tent to both sides (to unlock the strut structure);
  • Then fold the tent structure pole inward or outward (according to the direction of the structure pole design principle);
  • Hold the automatic pop-up device on the top of the tent and lift it up, and the tent has been completely loosened at this time;
  • Fold the poles and fabric neatly and tighten (similar to an umbrella) for storage.

What are the similarities and differences between a tandem tent and a team/family tent? Let’s take a look-

2 man tents tents and team tents have the same points:

  • Fabric – They can all be of the same fabric such as: Nylon, Polyester, Oxford and Canvas;
  • Pole structure – also provides a variety of structural options such as pop-up, geodesic and A tower structures;
  • Shapes – spire, dome and tunnel shape options are available;

Differences between two person/tandem tents and family tents:

  • Space – As you can see, the double tent is designed for two people to travel. Its interior space is only suitable for two people to rest, and no more than three people at most. The team tent is different. It was originally designed to provide shelter for more people to exercise outdoors. Therefore, the internal space of the team tent is much larger than that of the two-person tent.
  • Weight – under the same construction and fabric conditions. Since family/team tents provide more space, more poles and fabric coverage are required. Makes family/team tents heavier than double person tents.
  • Layout – The interior of the two man tent is usually a whole, after all, the space is limited. An overall space layout can provide better ventilation. The team/family tent will have more users. In order to protect the privacy of some team members, the team tent can put down screens when necessary to divide the interior space into multiple parts. Therefore, team/family tents often have rich spatial layouts such as one room and one living room, two rooms and one living room, three rooms and one living room, and two rooms and two living rooms. But the more abundant the space layout tent, the heavier the weight and the more expensive the price is.

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