Thickened Vinyl Octagonal Pyramid Camping Double-layer Team Tent With Wings and Multiple Doors Multifunctional combination form Luxury Tent


Design quality tents with heart, light luxury life attitude;
210D thickened vinyl oxford cloth, easy to deal with sunshade and rain;
One tent is multi-purpose, and the inner and outer tents can be used separately. The inner tent is meshed to prevent insects, and the outer tent is sunshade and rainproof;
A variety of pole modes can be built at will, single-opening mode and multi-opening mode;
Airy and breathable, spacious and large space. Foyer extension can be used as a shelter for shade;
Vinyl shading, resists ultraviolet rays while protecting privacy;
High-quality struts, thickened windproof rope;
The top is equipped with a chimney port, which is convenient for exhausting in winter;

Product name: Thickened black glue pyramid octagonal double-layer camping team tent;
Weight: 11.5KG;
Expanded size: 390*390*260cm;
Packing size: 62*25*25cm;
Maximum height: 260cm;
Capacity: 4-6 people;
Number of doors: Multiple doors;
External tent fabric: 210D thickened vinyl Oxford cloth, PU4000+;
Inner tent (fabric): High-density mesh;
Base fabric: 210D Oxford cloth, PU2000+;
Support rod material: Aluminum alloy rod;
Accessories: Inner tent*1, Outer tent*1, Hall pole*1, Tent pole*1, Ground nail*28, Wind rope*10, Storage bag*1;

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Khaki, Off-white


Comes with a set of Oxford floor mats

Double tent poles

Single, Double tent poles

Hall pole

Singlehall pole, Double hall pole, Three hall pole


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