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Everyone loves the outdoors and camping, but some people hate the tedious process of setting up a tent. After a long camping trip, use the automatic pop-up Instant tent to quickly create a comfortable resting area. Its convenient setting structure can be easily set up in a few seconds without any pressure even for girls. That way we have more time to enjoy other camping pleasures (Automatic pop up the Portable tent frees us up for other camping pleasures).

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After a long camping trip, using the Portable Automatic PopUp  Instant tent to quickly set up your camp can save you a lot of time for other fun. Quick open in seconds with no stress.

Instant pop-up tents are the most portable of all tent types. It was originally designed to help camping enthusiasts set up a camp quickly and easily. Mainly aimed at recreational camping activities, its design prioritizes cost and convenience over weather resistance. Tent fabric is pre-attached to tent poles for a complete all-in-one system. The instant camping tents unfolded structure system does most of the work for the camper. It only takes a few minutes or even seconds to complete the process of setting up the tent. Reduced pole pairing and connection work.

Common instant tents are divided into two categories:

  • Automatic pop up tent;
  • Hydraulic instant tent;

Automatic pop up camping tent: The fiberglass pole pop-up tent uses fiberglass poles as the tent frame and the tent fabric as the tension limiter. It can be automatically popped open and formed. Just open the tent bag and throw it out, and it will pop open automatically. The whole process only takes a few seconds. Great for everyday park or fishing use.

Hydraulic instant tent: Hydraulic (spring-loaded) instant tents use metal material (usually aluminum poles) to form the main frame of the tent. The entire structure resembles an umbrella, with surrounding brackets that automatically unfold to support the tent fabric when stressed. The action of pulling the cover and pulling the tent poles through the fabric loops in the conventional tent building process is greatly saved. Only the steps of unfolding the tent and securing it with ground pegs (wind ropes) are all that is required. The instant pop-up camp tent  structure poles have the characteristics of telescoping or folding. You can shrink it as much as possible when storing it to reduce the backpack volume.
The instant pop-up tent is really easy and quick to set up. However, it has an obvious disadvantage. It cannot withstand harsh weather conditions. Due to the lightness of the frame, it cannot withstand severe weather such as heavy rain, strong wind and snowfall. Of course, some instant pop-up tents use tarps to handle some light rain. So if the weather isn’t great where you plan to camp, a popup instant camping tent might not be right for you.

Sometimes we can’t go on exhilarating hiking and camping trips due to time or work reasons. Or you need to take care of family members (children, disabled people…). So I had to go camping in a park near my home on a sunny weekend. Opting for an instant pop-up camping tents can save a lot of tent-building work. Let us have a lot of time to enjoy nature. And the pop-up tent is self-contained, you can move the camp position at will without any effort when necessary. The instant cabin tent is ideal for the following application scenarios:

  • Daily leisure camping;
  • Family camping activities;
  • Camping beginners;
  • Affordable camping;
  • People with reduced mobility;

All pop up camping tents are a type of instant tent. You can think of the instant camping tent as the parent of the pop up tent. All pop-up camping tents are instant tents, but not all instant camping tents are pop-up tents.

The convenience of the camping instant tents is incredibly attractive. However, nothing is perfect. After choosing it, you must accept the defects it brings. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of pop up instant tents obtained by campmors based on past user feedback. Hope it can help you in the purchase process.

Advantage 1: Fast setup time; the best instant tents Tent is very easy to set up, there’s no denying it. You can quickly build your own camp with some simple operations.
Advantage 2: Convenient storage; storing instant automatic pop up tents requires mastering some basic folding methods. If you do some practice before heading out, you can always pack up the Instant Tent and go when you’re traveling outdoors.
Advantage 3: It is suitable for camping beginners; if you are a beginner who is trying outdoor camping for the first time. Then the instant tent camping is a good choice. It helps you reduce the complicated construction and storage work of the tent. Allows you to focus on other things.
Advantage 4: Less equipment is conducive to travel; because the skeleton and fabric of the pop up tent automatic are an integrated structure. Compared with ordinary camping tents, the individual packaging of the tent poles is reduced. Make tent packing easier and avoid missing poles. If the tent poles are missing in ordinary tents, the tent cannot be built completely.
Advantage 5: Child-friendly; canceling the assembly steps of the tent poles makes the steps of setting up the instant family tent safer. But there should always be an adult present.
Advantage 6: The best choice for event travel; if we need a tent for group activities, the instant camping pop up tent can make things easy. Because we don’t stay on a mat for too long during the event, usually 3-4 hours will be relocated. The instant easy pop-up tent can help us set up and relocate with ease.

Disadvantage 1: Not suitable for extreme weather: Most of the instant tent for camping are mainly about convenience. Therefore, its weather resistance is relatively poor compared to ordinary camping tents. Additional gear such as a rainproof canopy and ground spike wind ropes are recommended if you are using the pop up instant tent for lounging in stormy weather. In the campmors range of portable instant tents, there are many pop-up tents with waterproof fabric and top rain cover. In order to help users improve the performance in response to unexpected weather.
Disadvantage 2: The waterproof and heat insulation performance of the single-layer instant tent is poor; if the economy allows, we recommend that you choose a double decker instant tent. The inner breathable layer and the outer waterproof layer of the double wall instant tent can effectively reduce condensation and achieve heat insulation effect.
Disadvantage 3: Difficult maintenance; due to the complicated folding structure of the instant pop-up camping tent. Irregular operations may lead to breakage of the tent pole. Because the instant tent is an independent structure. Once the poles are damaged, your instant tent is basically useless. This is bad for backcountry hikers. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you read the instructions carefully after receiving the instant tent. And practice it several times at home.

In fact, there is not much difference between ordinary camping tents and portable instant tents. The fabric material they use is about the same as the tent pole material. All are designed to provide shelter in the outdoors. The main differences between them are as follows:

There are different ways to build and set up:
Instant pop up tents allows for ‘quick’ setup. Its tent poles and fabric are connected together, and the tent fabric will follow when the telescopic structure changes. It can effectively avoid accidents of missing parts.
For ordinary tents, you must splice the poles together. Then go through the pole sleeve of the tent and set up the tent. Therefore you will need more time to complete these steps.

The difference in weight:
A portable instant tent usually requires thicker and more complex poles to support its pop-up system. Although the manufacturing technology of tents is improving, instant tents are still heavier than ordinary tents under the same size and material requirements.
The weight of the instant tent is not an issue at nearby casual camping events. But if you plan to go hiking, it is still recommended to use a normal tent. How to choose a camping tent depends on what you want.

FeatureOrdinary tentInstant Tent
Build/Storage Speed±10 minute10 sec~1 min
Fabric typeNylon/Cotton/Oxford/Polyester/SyntheticPolyester/Nylon/Oxford
WeatherabilityDepends on fabric material and poleSlightly worse than ordinary tents
SpaceOptions for more spaceMost of the models are leisure space for 2~5 people
WeightDepends on tent materialRelatively heavy
CostDepends on tent materialDepends on tent material
FunctionMultifunctionalSimple and convenient

The cabin instant tent is perfect for outdoor recreation. They can greatly facilitate our camping activities in places such as backyards, beaches, parks and forests. There are many different types and models of instant tents on the market. Choosing one that suits you can improve your camping experience:

Tent Pole Construction: Camping Instant Tents come in many different types of unfolded construction designs. It can be divided into: pop up tent camping (convenience), umbrella-shaped hydraulic tent (stable and reliable), and spring tent (comprehensive). Different instant tent structures provide different product advantages.

Fabric Material: The fabric of the tent is very important. High-quality and reliable fabric materials can provide us with a relatively comfortable rest environment. Likewise, different fabric types have various unique characteristics. The fabric materials often used in instant tents are: polyester cloth/nylon cloth/Oxford cloth.

Size: Choose an instant tent of the right size according to the number of people in this outdoor activity. To ensure that all people can get asylum. Although the Instant Tent will not be designed to be very large. But we can still add a small tent after choosing a large instant tent. to save money.

Height: Consider the height of the instant tent, so that everyone can have a height that is conducive to entry and exit.

Price: Price is always an unavoidable consideration in shopping. You need to combine your budget to buy an instant tent that can meet your needs.

Functionality: When the budget is sufficient, you can choose an instant tent with more functionality. Such as: lightweight, double-wall instant tents, tents with roofs, tents with vestibules, etc. Multi-functional and humanized design.

The instant tent range at campmors offers a great selection of affordable instant tents. They are diverse and feature a lot of bonus features.

Generally speaking, we don’t recommend using instant tents in windy and rainy weather. Although the instant tent performs well in sunny and light shower weather. But because instant camping tents are mainly aimed at recreational camping activities, their low-cost tent poles and fabric materials cannot cope with heavy wind and rain.

However. From small to large instant tents, from lightweight to durable, whether it is sun protection or basic water resistance, you can find it in the campmors instant tent series. Their prices are determined by their functionality and durability of accessories. Here you’re sure to find a premium portable instant camping tent that fits your wallet.

Although we don’t want to use an instant pop up camping tent in bad weather. But the weather is always changeable. If you encounter unexpected situations during leisure camping, it is recommended to use ground spikes and wind ropes to reinforce the instant tent. Avoid instant tent from being blown away. It is also possible to add a waterproof canopy for rainwater blocking effect. The excellent waterproof level of the canopy can prevent the instant tent from seepage in heavy rain.

How to store the pop-up tent:

Storing a pop up camping tent requires bending the poles in a specific way, and the direction of the bend depends on how the tent was built. Therefore, please be sure to understand the instructions of the tent in detail to avoid damage to the tent due to improper operation. Notes are as follows:

  1. Open the curtain of the tent so that the air can escape.
  2. Fold the top pole and the low pole one by one into a tortilla shape. (Some tent pole circles are too large and may need to be folded in reverse to save space, the folding method is similar to a photography reflector)
  3. Slide all the circles together to form a tent circle.
  4. Put it into the tent bag and fix the bag mouth to prevent it from popping up.

The storage method of the hydraulic tent:

To store the hydraulic (spring type) instant camping tent, you only need to control the expansion device at the middle point to achieve the purpose of storage. The difference in device structure will result in slightly different storage methods. Notes are as follows:

  1. Open the curtain of the tent so that the air can escape.
  2. The joints of the tent frame need to be unlocked in advance. The upper and lower parts of the joint can be unlocked after being pulled outward respectively.
  3. Fully automatic hydraulic structure Just press down the hydraulic device, and the tent will be stored automatically.
  4. The spring device structure is also stored through the deployment device of the control center. It’s just that the acceptance direction is different from the hydraulic device, please refer to the detailed product description for details.
  5. Tidy up the tent frame by turning it out (turning it inside).
  6. Put it in the tent storage bag to complete the storage.

Convenience is a priority in the making of instant camping tents, so you shouldn’t expect your instant pop up camping tent to last you very long. The service life of the pop-up instant tent is around 150 camping days, which is related to the materials used to make the tent. Usually aluminum instant tents last longer than fiberglass pole pop up tents. The higher the density of the fabric, the longer the service life. Specific different fabric materials can be found in our Oxford cloth tent and polyester (nylon) tent page.

But if you don’t use the instant tent often, and you will do proper maintenance during use. Reasonable maintenance can prolong its service life.

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