2023 thickened and rain-proof two season camping Backpack tent Instant portable four-sided leisure Large tent


5 Open Windows for Ventilation, Top Screen Window + 2 Side Windows + 2 Doors;
Square Top Tent to Speed up Air Circulation. Strong Wind Resistance;
The Sixth-Generation Hydraulic Automatic Support, Saves Effort and Worry;
Anti-Glare Coated Silver and Vinyl Fabrics, Choose one, Durable and UV Resistant;
The Fully Closed Mode Protects Privacy, And the Large Space is Protected From Heavy Rain;
The Packaging Bag Has Been Upgraded, And the Material Has Been Greatly Improved. Switch Between Single and Double Shoulders at Will;

Product name: 2022 latest enlarged fully automatic pop-up spire four-corner camping tent;
Weight: 4KG;
Expanded size: S: 215*215*142cm / M: 240*240*155cm / L: 270*270*185cm;
Packing size: 77cm*17cm*17cm;
Maximum height: 142cm / 155cm / 185cm;
Capacity: 4 people;
Number of doors: Top screen window + 2 Doors + 2 Side Windows;
Fabric: Oxford vinyl (silver-proof coating) waterproof cloth;
Base fabric: Oxford cloth;
Support rod material: Glass fiber rod;
Accessories: Hallway poles, Wind ropes, Ground nails, Storage bags;
Backpacking Tents28 01
Family Camping Big Tent;
multi-person space;
2022 – New Upgrade Works;
Focus On Outdoor – High Quality and Reliable;
New Fashion – A New Choice for Family Outdoor;
Backpacking Tents28 02
Top Screen Window + 2 Side Windows + 2 Doors;
5 Air Outlets for Better Ventilation;
Compared with general tip top tents, Aquare tents have better air permeability. Circulation on all sides.
Backpacking Tents28 03
Sunscreen Silver;
The Improved Silver Coating is Optimized in Thickness. Provides a Certain Degree of Breathability While Ensuring Shading and Sun Protection.
Backpacking Tents28 04
Sunscreen and rainproof fabric;
Withstand the double test of scorching sun and rain;
Silver Coated Fabric-
It can effectively block UV rays and is a common technology for outdoor tent fabrics.
Vinyl Fabric-
Vinyl fabric is a new type of sun protection technology, which can block light while sun protection.
Backpacking Tents28 05
Easy to Build, Save Time and Effort;
3 Seconds / Fully Automatic;
Just lift the power of a bottle of mineral water to lift the frame rod, and the rest of the work is done by the sixth-generation hydraulic spring device. Allow more time to enjoy camping.
Backpacking Tents28 06
Packaging upgrade;
The material has been greatly improved, and the single and double shoulders can be switched freely. Add quality without adding price.
Backpacking Tents28 07
Details determine quality, we focus on every detail.
High-density breathable anti-mosquito mesh;
Hydraulic spring support system;
Four-corner ground nail fixation;
The ventilation window at the top of the tent;
Door curtain olive buckle;
Umbrella folding pole;

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