Four seasons camping straight support type two person car roof top tent pop up all aluminum hard shell


The upper and lower fully cover the aluminum alloy shell. Lightweight and high strength, it can easily carry 300KG. High load-bearing capacity protects camping safety.
Equipped with 4 hydraulic struts, it can be quickly opened and retracted in 3 seconds. Quick opening without construction, saving time and effort.
Double doors and double windows, breathable and comfortable. Improve the circulation and breathability of the tent, and enjoy a comfortable camping experience.
The tent doors and windows are designed with double-layer fabric. Gauze anti-mosquito + inner waterproof protection privacy.
Universal roof tent for all car models. Suitable for SUV, sedan, station wagon, commercial vehicle.

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Product name: Aluminum alloy hard shell roof tent;
Weight: 56KG;
Top Shell Color: Black;;
Fabric Color: Dark gray cloth;
Expanded size: 210*132*90cm;
Consolidated size: 210*132*17cm;
Adapt to the season: 4-season tent;
Capacity: 2-3 people;
Shell material: Aluminum alloy;
Tent fabric: Waterproof polyester plaid cloth;
Frame material: Hydraulic strut;
Accessories: High-elastic foam mattress, Canopy support rod, Installation kit;
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