Group Oversized Cotton Canvas Yurt Tent Retro Family Pyramid Waterproof Camping Bell Tent


The yurt spire shape, enjoy the personalized light luxury camping time;
Externally expanded roof and cloth eaves to prevent rainwater from pouring back;
Top cloth ventilation holes + side wall mesh windows. Ventilation and ventilation reduce condensation;
Super user-friendly design: hot-resistant chimney opening, small storage bag inside the tent;
Durable, breathable, rain-resistant cotton canvas. Natural materials are more secure;
A variety of sizes can be selected arbitrarily, and the large space can meet the group activities of different numbers of people;

Product name: Large yurt cotton canvas tent;
Weight: 17/23/29/40.5KG;
Expanded size: S: 3*3*2m; M: 4*4*2.5m; L: 5*5*3m; XL: 6*6*3.5m;
Packing size: S: 100*28*24cm; M: 100*35*32cm; L: 100*41*37cm; XL: 100*43*39cm;
Maximum height: 200cm/250cm/300cm/350cm;
Capacity: 4-12 people;
Number of doors: 3-meter models have 3 windows; 4-6-meter models have 4 windows;
Fabric: 200GTC cotton canvas + high-density mesh;
Base fabric: 420G ripstop PVC;
Support rod material: Iron rod;
Accessories: Tent main pole*1, Hall pole*1, Wind rope*10, Ground nail*14, Storage bag*1;
Luxury TentA13 01
Luxury TentA13 02
Luxury TentA13 03
Luxury TentA13 04
Luxury TentA13 05
Luxury TentA13 06
Luxury TentA13 07

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