Family Outdoor Camping Tent Portable Children’s Camping Beach Instant Folding Automatic Pop-Up waterproof Tent


One door and three windows, three-dimensional ventilation tent;
Hydraulic fully automatic support, convenient and quick;
An upgraded family-style space that can accommodate a family of 3-4;
Double-layer wiring, efficient waterproof;
Multi-color cartoon tents are very popular with children;

Product name: Family Portable Folding Children’s Camping Pop-Up Tent;
Weight: 3.5KG;
Expanded size: S:200*200*140cm;
Packing size: 77cm*17cm*17cm;
Maximum height: 140cm;
Capacity: 3-4 people;
Number of doors: single door + 3 windows;
External fabric: 210T waterproof polyester taffeta (100% polyester fiber + polypropylene);
Fabric: 100% Polyester Fiber + High-Density B3 Mesh;
Base fabric: Waterproof PE cloth;
Support rod material: Glass fiber rod;
Accessories: Wind rope*4, Iron nails*4, Plastic floor nails*4, Storage bag*1;
Backpacking Tents27 01
Home Edition Bedroom
Upgrade to increase space
Enough to accommodate 3-4 family members, depending on the height and size of the members.
Backpacking Tents27 02
One door and three windows
Privacy Protection + Mosquito Prevention
Large-area mesh design blocks mosquitoes, reduces heat and improves comfort.
Backpacking Tents27 03
Spring-loaded automatic bracket
Easy to build, save time and effort
All it takes is the power to lift a bottle of mineral water to lift the rack bar, and the automatic device does the rest.
*When retracting the tent, first pull the tent poles open and then fold them.
Backpacking Tents27 04
Not hot in summer
4 ventilation, three-dimensional ventilation
You can also enjoy the cool breeze in the tent in summer. In winter, it can be fully closed to refuse cold.
Backpacking Tents27 05
Double-layer wiring is more solid;
Double zipper is more convenient;
gauze to keep mosquitoes away;
Built-in storage bag;
Bold ground nails;
Bottom PE cloth waterproof and moisture-proof;

Blue, Orange, Pink


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