Personality Large Luxury tent thickened rainproof ultrahigh wear-resistant polyester cotton family camping wall tent house


The inner 190cm ultra-high tent height, you don’t have to bend over to get in and out;
Retro and fresh style, comfortable four seasons cotton canvas tent;
Front and rear floor-to-ceiling screen doors, insect-proof ventilation and large field of vision;
Left and right triangular ventilation windows, circulating ventilation on all sides;
High-quality cotton sail fabric, waterproof, breathable, wear-resistant and rain-proof;

Product name: Portable ultra-high house canvas tent;
Weight: 26KG;
Expanded size: 305*305*198cm;
Packing size: 130*22*25cm;
Maximum height: 198cm;
Capacity: 5-7 people;
Number of doors: 4 doors + 2 windows;
Fabric: 220G polyester cotton canvas;
Base fabric: 540PVC;
Support rod material: aluminum alloy rod;
Accessories: Tent top pole*1, Spring steel*4, Tent side pole*2, Hall pole*2, Wind rope*4, Ground nail*4, Small ground nail*18, Storage bag*1;
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Function & Details:
Front and rear floor-to-ceiling large screen windows, left and right triangular ventilation windows. Ventilation on all sides, comfortable and breathable.
Mobile comfortable cottage for 5-7 people.
The inner height can reach 190cm, standing and walking avoid bending over.
Lightweight aluminum alloy stand, sturdy and easy to store.
Tear-resistant and abrasion-resistant fabric, sun and rain protection.

Build steps:
1. Open the tent and spread it on the ground;
2. Insert the round steel into the sleeves on both sides of the tent and fix it on the connecting rod;
3. Align the connecting rod from top to bottom and insert it into the top pole of the tent to fix it;
4. Insert the struts into the attachment holes of the ejector bars. Hold up the tent and fix the other end of the pole to the bottom of the tent;
5. The operation steps on the other side of the tent are consistent with 4;
6. Support the foyer with a skylight pole. And reinforce the tent with ground nails and windproof ropes.


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