Aluminum alloy hydraulic pop-up roof tent self-driving tour waterproof modified hard shell SUV tent


Supported flat top car roof top tent. Quick-opening hydraulic structure, quick deployment and easy contraction.
The top cover of the Vehicle tent is equipped with thermal insulation cotton, which can keep warm and absorb humidity. Improve overall comfort.
Stainless steel lock, safe and stable. Guaranteed installation for driving.
FRP + carbon fiber composite sheet. High strength and high toughness. Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and aging resistance.
There are multiple reinforced steel bars at the bottom, which greatly improves the bearing capacity.
Multiple breathable insect screens. Humanized designs such as internal storage bags and hooks enhance the camping experience.
The flat-top streamlined shell design reduces fuel consumption and wind noise.

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Product name: Hydraulically supported roof tent;
Weight: 60KG;
Expanded size: 205*140*100cm;
Consolidated size: 205*140*30cm;
Packaging size: 220*150*35cm;
Adapt to the season: 4-season tent;
Capacity: 1-3 people;
Shell material: FRP + carbon fiber;
Tent fabric: 280G waterproof canvas;
Tent mat material: High elastic sponge;
Frame material: Hydraulic Stainless Steel;
Accessories: Sponge pads, Telescopic ladders, Awning curtain poles, Installation kits;
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